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What you Need to Run a Digital Content Agency

Digital marketing agencies are all the rage right now. Entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the gig-economy to make millions by acting as mediators, delegators and negotiators. It’s a great time to be a freelancer and a better time to be an entrepreneur. But if you are one of the former and want to become one of the latter then making the switch could be easier than you thought. You just need to maintain a high-level of professionalism, follow the rules outlined in the Online Writer’s Companion, and make sure you have the following: A Team The worst thing you can do when running a digital marketing agency is to get the work first and then look for capable freelancers. In our experience you will need to test 20 freelancers for every 1 that can actually do the job. You need reliable, hard-working, talented freelancers who will always be on hand when you need them. To begin with, create some basic jobs as test jobs, letting the freelancers know that you’re looking for longer term contracts. It takes a little money (you should always offer to pay for the samples they provide) a lot of trials and a good eye. When you have that then you can start looking for work. It’s all about building supply chain contracts. A Presence Your online presence is 95% of your business and it relates to what kind of agency you run. If you run an SEO agency then you need a website that ranks highly in Google, not only because you can get more hits on local SEO keywords, but also so you can prove that you are able to practice what you preach. If you run a social media or marketing agency, then make sure you have a large special media presence. Spend time building this up before you fully commit. A Budget You need one of two things to get the ball rolling with a digital marketing agency. You either need capital so that you can launch yourself into a major ad campaign and be able to handle all the work that comes in, or you need to be prepared to work hard, saving on expenses by doing work yourself and building yourself up steadily. This latter option is the best, because you stand to lose a lot less and can get a better idea of how the business will develop. Take it one client at a time, using the profits from one job to get one that is bigger and better. No Life It sounds harsh, but it’s true: if you want to be successful as an entrepreneur in this saturated field then you need to sacrifice your social life, your vacations and everything else you enjoy and be prepared to work throughout the day. There are successful agency owners out there who only work a few hours a day, but they spend the rest of the day delegating and to get to that point they worked anywhere from 12 to 20 hours a day. Our own PJ Aitken created Compulsion Media on a small budget, relied heavily on his own expertise and continues to put every hour he has into it. As a result, he works 100+ hours a week and hasn’t take a day off in over 3 years. On the one hand, this is a great sector to get involved with and it’s one that everyone can profit from, but on the other hand you really need to work long and hard for it.

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Global Marketing Of Starbucks Marketing - 1571 Words

Global Marketing of Starbucks The Starbucks brand was founded in 1971 in Seattle, when an English teacher Jerry Baldwin, a History teacher Zev Siegl, and a writer Gordon Bowker decided to open their own coffee shop. Now, Starbucks is the most successful coffee company in the world that serves coffee in 65 countries in more than 23000 stores. Among professional young adults, Starbucks is the brand of coffee shop that makes coffee-drinking experience unique because of its high-quality service. In the most countries Starbucks remains to be a leader in coffee business. The success of the company in its Global Marketing shows that Starbucks founds the way to bring the product across cultures, maintaining the core business values untouched. The company maintains to be a â€Å"third place† between home and work and positioned as an â€Å"affordable luxury†. Nowadays brands become an important part of daily life in different cultures across the world. Branding is a unique form of communication that talks to consumers in a scene of products/services with a promise to satisfy their needs/wants. Marketing academics believe that the strategy of building a strong brand are nearly equal across the world. One of the reasons to bring a business to a new geographical place is understanding that there are unmet needs or wants around the globe and that a global marketing work can make the life of people better(Cayala Arnould, 2008, p. 87). For the past recent years, globalization of markets showedShow MoreRelatedGlobal Marketing Operations of Starbucks1272 Words   |  5 Pagesexplained the global marketing operations of Starbucks. There are a number of environmental factors that play a crucial role in shaping Starbucks global domestic marketing strategy. Starbucks is growing at a great pace and has been extremely successful in managing its globa l operations. The world has shifted towards globalization which is the integration of the world businesses and the treatment of the whole global market as one. Almost all the big corporations have started participating in Global EconomicsRead MoreEnviornmental Factors1043 Words   |  5 Pagesand Marketing Decisions: Starbucks Starbucks has wide range of business activity. These activities allow the company to use numerous channels of product distribution. With the company operating in many locations worldwide environmental factors play a major role in marketing decisions. Each distribution channel is affected differently and the companys flexibility in the marketing plan allows the company to adjust their strategies to meet the needs of the environmental factors. Starbucks is knownRead MoreThe Starbucks Corporations Marketing Strategy1293 Words   |  5 PagesStarbucks Marketing Strategy: The Starbuck Corporation is considered as the one of the leading firms across the globe in specialty coffee consumption. Since its inception and launch in a market in Seattle, Washington, the company has developed to extent with which it offers quality premium coffees with an excellent level of customer service and at reasonable prices worldwide. The growth and profitability of this company is attributed to its development and use of an effective marketing strategyRead MoreStarbucks Chap 7 Malhotra1121 Words   |  5 PagesM07_MALH4481_04_SE_WC07.QXD 6/8/11 1:16 PM Page 2 ONLINE VIDEO CASE 7.1 Naresh K. Malhotra, Basic Marketing Research: Integration of Social Media, 4e. Copyright  © 2012 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall. STARBUCKS: Staying Local While Going Global Through Marketing Research Named after the first mate in the novel Moby-Dick, Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world. As of 2010, there were more than 16,700 stores in over 50 countries including more than 8,850Read MoreStarbucks - Entry Modes Of Starbucks970 Words   |  4 Pages1. INTRODUCTION Starbucks, today’s global coffeehouse, has one of the best coffee chains and providers in the world. It was started in 1971 by 3 friends (Jerry, Zev and Gordon), they were passionate about the idea of selling fresh coffee beans. Things started to change when Schultz wanted to develop this business into coffee serving with friendly sitting environment. The idea of serving coffee along with sitting culture made a hit and started its own development in fast-paced way. According to theRead MoreStarbucks Case Study Analysis1304 Words   |  6 PagesCase Study Analysis: Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service Anitra Joiner Marketing 300C.1 Dr. Laura Pogue May 29, 2011 Specialty-coffeehouse culture is well interwoven into the fabric of American society at this point and we can thank Starbucks for ushering in the phenomenon. Back when three coffee connoisseurs assembled to open the first Starbucks store in Seattle, I’m sure they could not imagine its behemoth future. With the vision of Howard Schultz, Starbucks has grown to become oneRead MoreEssay on Enviromental Factors For Starbucks1182 Words   |  5 PagesStarbuck’s Environmental Factors Starbucks has wide range of business activity. These activities allow the company to use numerous channels of product distribution. With the company operating in many locations throughout the world, environmental factors play a major role in marketing decisions. Each distribution channel is affected differently and the company’s flexibility in the marketing plan allows the company to adjust their strategies to meet the needs of the environmental factors that faceRead MoreInternational Marketing Pl Marketing Strategy, And The Factors That Influence It Goes Globally1339 Words   |  6 Pagesinternational marketing plan, and the factors that influence it goes globally this including competitors, customers and cost. The company was founded in 1997 with a motive to use the best leaves make the best tea that will focus on the trend of rising realize of preserve health and nourish of life. Until now with a growing potential market of premium tea stores that emerging in the US marke t. The company aimed to be the best in the chain of premium tea that was not implement conventional marketing but theyRead MoreSWOT Analysis of Starbucks1304 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Starbucks SWOT Analysis Name Institutional Affiliation: Starbucks SWOT Analysis Introduction Starbucks Corporation is a world coffee company and a house chain with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. This company is the largest in the world with most of its activities dealing with coffee-products making. It has twenty thousand three hundred and sixty six stores in sixty-one countries. Most of the stores are in the United States of America. Starbucks Company trades cold drinks and hot drinksRead MoreStarbucks in China Case Study1580 Words   |  7 PagesCase - Starbucks in China Group 11 21-10-2012 Q1) Do you think Starbucks is a global company? Why or why not? Starbucks is one of the largest coffee shop chains in the world. In 2005 it was the leading coffeehouse retailer in the world with operations in 34 countries outside the US, counting 10.241 coffeehouses. Starbucks began its international expansion with Japan in 1995. We think Starbucks is a global company. Throughout the answer we will use Starbucks’ value chain activities to explain

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Public Health School Nurse Essay - 1094 Words

School Nursing Leads to a Healthier Community Elizabeth Ann Gonzalez Holmes Community College: Nursing II School Nursing Leads to a Healthier Community According to the National Center for Education Statistics there will be approximately 50.7 million students enrolled in the public-school system in the United States of America for fall of 2017 (National Center for Education Statistics, 2017). With childhood illnesses on the rise the need for public health school nurses are increasing, and the responsibilities are changing (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2016). What started as screening for communicable diseases has evolved into meeting the student’s physical, emotional, and mental needs in a learning environment. The National†¦show more content†¦Lina Rogers not only screened children for communicable diseases but also taught children proper hand hygiene, nose-blowing, and to cover mouth when coughing. She visited the students’ homes and taught their parents how to look for signs of head lice and how to treat the infestation. She made such an impact on the school system after one month that they decided to ex tend the trial. By six months the attendance rate was up to 90 percent. New York recognized this as a good solution so they hired Lina Rogers as the first public-health school nurse and funded enough money to hire 27 additional nurses (Masters in Health Care, 2011). Lina Rogers worked with the public-school system of New York until 1914. In 1917, she published the first textbook for school nurses about the project and how to treat certain conditions titled â€Å"The School Nurse: A Survey of the Duties and Responsibilities of the Nurse in Maintenance of Health and Physical Perfection and the Prevention of Disease Among School Children† (Hanink, 2017). Education The National Association of School Nurses recommends a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing to become a public-health school nurse. Requirements to become a public-health school nurse depend on the Department of Education and the Department of Health of which state the school is located in. The minimum for any state is for the nurse to have trained in a vocational program forShow MoreRelatedWhy Are the Waiting Times in Public Hospital Emergency Departments so Long? What Contributes to This? What Are We Doing Too Address This Problem?809 Words   |  4 Pages8/04/11 1:22 AM Jasmin Charles: Essay Why are the waiting times in Public hospital emergency Departments so long? What contributes to this? What are we doing too address this problem? Waiting times in public hospital have been a big issue in the media lately. Politicians addressing these issues and using them as a bargaining point in their campaigns by making promises to fix the current health care problem by extra funding or a re-form in the health care. Public health patients featuring in the mediaRead MoreEssay on The Process of Transformation Through Education1215 Words   |  5 PagesWhile I was proud of being a nurse, I did not feel the need to be ambitious nor competitive in my field. Aside from the well known fact about the nursing shortage, I was not familiar with the numerous advancements that had been made by the profession. Most recently, I have come to realize how sophisticated and respected nursing profession has become. Today, nurses as the highly valued commodity, need to be available to skillfully meet the challenging needs of the public. It has now become clearRead MoreNursing Is Defined As Moral And Medical1490 Words   |  6 PagesSpeedy Jackson, 2010). â€Å"It includes the raise of health, the prevention of illness and the care of ill, disabled and dying people† (WHO, 2015). On the other hand, professional competence is the capability to perform and demonstrate technical skills, abilities, knowledge, attitudes, values, judgment, and different tasks and take responsibilities according to employment standards (Bowen, Donkin Sinclair, 2013). The excellence of care carried by nurses employed in Australian overall exercises breaksRead MoreWorld War I And The Civil Rights And Peace1394 Words   |  6 PagesHealthcare is highly regarded in Australia as a nationally growing industry that is always thought to as high priority. Nursing history is a big part of the knowledge base that Registered Nurses must contain to be able provide educated care. Australia’s access to healthcare has grown and is still growing. Nursing first began in 1954 with Florence Nightgale and her team of 38 volunteers started organis ing equipment at a Turkish hospital (Bradford, 2009). Many factors of history then changed nursingRead MoreThe Australian Competency Standards For The Registered Nurse1301 Words   |  6 PagesPage  1 of  5 How would your chosen nurse measure unto the current Australian competency standards for the registered nurse? In the last 200 years the ideas and theories of nursing and nurses in Australia alone has changed dramatically. Strict expectations continue to evolve all over the world as the demand for care of individuals, sick or well increases. This essay will discuss how nurses of the Nightingale era, more specifically how Florence Nightingale herself would measure up against the currentRead More The Profession of Registered Nursing Essay1461 Words   |  6 Pagesprofessional people that help maintain our health status. Registered nurses are one of these important professional people that take care of the sick and maintain health all around the world and in our community. Registered nurses also work to prevent disease , to educate the public about health issues , to enhance public health , and to help support ill patients both physically and mentally. In this essay I will describe and explain what is a registered nurse, education and certification, employmentRead MoreThe Neuman Systems Model And Its Impact On The World Of Healthcare1148 Words   |  5 Pagesnursing. Neuman believed that health was living energy that is evaluated by the amount of agreement between five variables (physiological, psychological, spiritual, sociocultural, and developmental) and the dynamics of basic systems. Wellness, assessed by how much energy was spent on getting, keeping, or preserving system strength. Neumann’s model is just that – a model, not a complete theory. It is an abstract structure that illustrates the relationship between nurses and mankind. The model proposesRead MoreA Goal Makes Us Become A Better Person1298 Words   |  6 Pagesnumber one goal, so what is the mission of nursing? â€Å"BRN Turns 100† by Hedy Dumpel is a short article about how nurses are important to public health. This article introduced the history of the BRN. If a person wants to become a nurse, he/she needs to achieve bachelor or associate of science in nursing degree. Every nursing programs such as nursing assistant, LVN, and registered nurse has different jobs, but they have same missions, which help the patients enjoy the best healthcare when they areRead MoreMarie Dean Is The Person I Choose1237 Words   |  5 PagesMarie Dean is the person I choose to write about for my profile essay. Marie is a very caring, hard-working, strong, and intelligent woman. She stands at 5’3 with long black curly hair and brown eyes. Over the past years she has shown me and my brother that with determination and perseverance you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. She also is an essential part of my life and has shaped me into the person I am today. Marie Dean was born in Montgomery, Alabama to Walter Marie Dean and HerronRead MoreThe Relationship Between Two Health Care Professions1438 Words   |  6 PagesThis essay will dissimilarity between two health care professions. The majority of health care professions require the individual to be registered with the current regulatory body. Regulatory bodies are organisations set up by the government to safeguard the consumers. They are responsible to observe, advise and manage various industry sectors. (The Consumer Council). This essay will concentrate on Nurses and Haematologists. The current regulatory

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The Impact Of Media On Public Opinion And Chinese Politics

Introduction 1. Background Media in China has a tremendous influence on public opinion and Chinese politics, the significant increase of state owned media outlets beging from 1949 to 1980s and marketable ones since 1979 indicates the state’s purpose to address the following two major issues: 1) to reduce the government’s financial burden. 2) to help modernize China’s economy. (in-class teaching material) Since those media began to be allowed to support themselves in various ways, several hundred broadcasters, more than 2,200 newspapers, and 7000 magazines, and countless web-media compete fiercely for attention and over a lucrative advertising market. The development of new technology and the prevalent use of internet have also triggered a massive explosion on internet users, according to the national survey, there are approximately 668 milion online users by 2015, 88.9% of them use their mobile devices to get access to the internet and the number is still steadily increasing . Due to the controversial nature of the country’s politics, the state is constantly reassessing the media policies and the control simultaneously. China is notoriously known and depicted by outside media in resolutely implementing its censorship and carrying out the related punishment regulations such as warning or shutdown on media agencies, imprisonment of news reporters or writers and criminal charge against internet users. Such severe penalties serve as the deterrents to maintain the country’sShow MoreRelatedThe Power of Media891 Words   |  4 PagesMedia has the power to strengthen the changes in our social, cultural, and political values. The improvement of media has increased the spread of ideas and has made communication more convenient. Television, Facebook, and Twitter are all considered mass medias because they provide people with entertainment, and it is where the flow of ideas is disseminated. In James Fallows essay, â€Å"Win in China!† he state s that media encourages the Chinese to follow their dreams, such as becoming an entrepreneurRead MoreSocial Media s Impact On Interpersonal Relationships1621 Words   |  7 PagesSocial media has a great impact on the interpersonal relationships between people. Social media has a very wide and extensive reach throughout the world. However, does social media really have that much of an impact on regular day to day lives? How different would certain livelihoods and relationships be without the use of social media? I some ways, social media has been a godsend for introverts to be able to connect with real people without the need to physically get out of their comfort zone. InRead MorePublic Participation and Internet Regulation1432 Words   |  6 PagesPublic participation, a process involving citizen or stakeholder engagement in decision-making, has gained increasing emphasis in recent years. Interestingly, the emergence of the concepts of â€Å"e-governance†, â€Å"e-govern ment† and â€Å"e-democracy† reflects the increasing connection of online tools such as the Internet with the concept of public participation (Freeman, 2013). Does governmental regulation of the Internet necessarily not promote public participation then? I think not; to my mind, there areRead MorePolitical Participation2355 Words   |  10 PagesInternet and political participation Introduction Politics could be defined very broadly as the adjustment efforts of humans attempting to coexist in an interdependent relationship. In defining a political system, we refer it to a system which is a persistent pattern of human relationships that involves, to a significant extent, power, rule, or authority. Politics concerns about the process in which a government outcomes or decisions on public affairs is made. The course of action or behavior peopleRead MoreQuestions On Public Opinion On Demography And Census1477 Words   |  6 PagesThe following terms do not need to be defined as a part of the study guide but you will be better prepared for the exam if you integrate them into your answers below and define (as you go) the ones you know you will forget. Terms to know: Public opinion Demography/Demographics Census Melting pot Minority majority Political culture Reapportionment Political socialization Sample Random sampling Sampling error Random-digit dialing Exit poll Political ideology Liberalism Conservatism Gender gapRead MoreA Study of the Impact of Sina Weibo on the Formation of Public Opinion in Mainland China2399 Words   |  10 PagesChanging public opinion—a study of the impact of Sina Weibo on the formation of public opinion in Mainland China Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1. Background Public opinion, as a key notion of Habermas (1989)’ Public Sphere Theory, refers to a collective consensus view about social issues. As the generation of public opinion entails acquiring information about the society, the new channels of communication brought by computer-mediated technological innovations today have to a large extent transformedRead MoreThe Secrets And Personal Thoughts1279 Words   |  6 Pagesphotographic taking of Tereska Draws Her Home. Documentation of personal accounts helps the rest of the world understand and learn, such as from the faults of the government and military systems. Tereska’s illustration is personal, and extrudes the immense impact the Nazis and concentration camps had on young children. Other children like Tereska drew their interpretations of their home as well during this same assignment in other photographs Seymour had taken. These other children drew recognizable imagesRead MoreQuestions On Thinking Towards Weibo1628 Words   |  7 Pagesincreasing popularity of Weibo has already built the debate and critical kingdom in the inner social of China in order to profoundly alter the theory formation and social feature of China. For its benefits, it could improve the supervision by the public and push forward the civil society. While in China, as civil enjoy the freedom and space in Internet, the Internet is full of a great numbers of unidentified rumors. The net citizens could not distinguish the true or false of rumors. The judgmentRead MoreHistorical Evolution and Development of the Various Mass Media970 Words   |  4 Pagesto the historical evolution and development of the various mass media in the United States. Print, broadcast, and electronic media have changed drastically since man was first introduced to them. The speed of these changes are occurring more rapidly now, altering the different forms of media along with it. Though these changes have brought forth many benefits, a few negative impacts have been brought along as well. Print media has been used by people to spread information for centuries, datingRead MoreMovie Review : The Movie Right Away 1737 Words   |  7 Pagescomical stunts to hurt and prevent the public from voting for each other on election day. The viewers of the movie see these actions taken by Cam and Marty as amusing but when you look deeper and past the funny moments the film is criticizing actual politics in America. Many of the ridiculous things that happen throughout the movie also took place with people in office and even presidents of the United States. One way that this movie parodies real-life politics emerges from a scene where Cam Brady

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Shifting the Medical Gaze Towards a Feminist Ethic of...

Shifting the Medical Gaze: Towards a Feminist Ethic of Childbirth The term reproductive rights has become synonymous with abortion rights, birth control access, and issues surrounding reproductive technologies, yet the struggle for a womans right to choose when and how to become pregnant often overshadows a womans right to choose where and how to give birth. The lack of feminist discourse and activism surrounding issues of childbirth may attest to the hegemony in the modern American birth ritual of increasing medical intervention from obstetricians in hospital settings. There are currently several movements to challenge this dominant birth model--prepared childbirth advocates offer education classes and natural childbirth advocates†¦show more content†¦But this was not always the dominant American birth model. Much of feminist history recounts the days (usually portrayed as the good ol days) when childbirth was considered the province of women as they gave birth at home with the aid and supervision of female relatives, neighbors, or, most often, a midwife. Midwives were not formally trained, but skills were usually passed down from woman to woman through a form of apprenticeship. Their control of childbirth was mostly informal and they operated through a system of cooperation and mutual aid. Men were only marginally involved, if they were not excluded all together. The transformation of childbirth in American occurred at the turn of the nineteenth century as birth was transferred from the domain of women and the female midwife (a term meaning with women) to the dominant realm of male obstetrics (from the Latin word obstare meaning to stand before). It is a story embedded with issues of race, gender, and economics that has almost become mythological as it is now often used to represent the ultimate battle between male authority and female autonomy. Yet, Jana Sawicki problematizes this historical view saying, Told from a Foucauldian perspective, the history of womens procreative bodies is a history with multiple origins, that is, a

What Drives Adolescents to Join a Gang - 683 Words

Negative Effects in Joining a Gang and Their Mind Mentality Parents want the best for their children. They try their best to keep them happy. However they tend to lose their children to the streets and the gangs. Why adolescences join these gangs should not be the question. There are many reasons why they join. Some reasons could be the absence of a parent, whether it is the mother or father. Lack of discipline or their parent’s could be a drug abuser. What motivates an adolescence to desire and acquire gang membership, is the key question. Counselors, jail officers, or a gang task team who have work with these youths on the field, and have gained their trust have heard the answer to this question. Kenneth Thompson a former blood gang member said that â€Å"Teenagers these days join gangs or make a team, for the purpose of safety, friendship, status, recognition, curiosity, excitement, money, out of a sense of tradition due to generational commitment (a family member was once a gang banger), peer pressure and drug abuse.† We als o went on to say that â€Å"Back in his time, that it was different, we didn’t go just picking on people. If you mess with one of our members, than we’re coming for you.† Therefore, belonging to a gang gives them a sense of power and control over a specific geographic area, a certain group of people and even their own lives. Feeling wanted and loved, or even giving and receiving love are essential expressions for a gang member, as well as for everyone inShow MoreRelatedGang Violence Essay1599 Words   |  7 PagesGang Violence Did you know that gang violence affects our world today? In this century we’re experiencing more gang related crimes ever than before. Current research shows that there is an estimate of 250,000 gang members in America (Almonte and Desmond 4). The more gangs the more killings. Adolescents are getting more involved in gangs, because of this dropout rates are increasing. The more dropouts the more drug dealers. Once they begin to sell drugs they end up in jail. This is where we comeRead MoreHispanic Adolescent Youth Gangs Essay1399 Words   |  6 Pages Gangs have been a point of concern for states and societies around the world for centuries. Youth gangs are not exempt from that same categorization and have operated for the same amount of time worldwide. Over the last century however, a proliferation of youth gangs has been witnessed, especially among Hispanic youths immigrating into the United States. Researchers and scholars have offered multiple theories as to why youths, a nd Hispanics youths in particular integrate themselves into gang organizationsRead MoreStreet Gang And Street Gangs950 Words   |  4 Pages2015 Youth and Street Gangs There is no definite term for the word â€Å"gang†. State and other local government organizations tend to create their own definition. The depiction of â€Å"street gang† is consistently intertwined with â€Å"youth gang†. However, the term â€Å"street gang† can mean two particular meanings that raise it’s face value. 1st, it proposes a common quality of gangs: They usually contain a street presence. Street socialization is a huge attribute of young gangs. 2nd, this expression alsoRead MoreCausation of Female Gang Involvement Essay1898 Words   |  8 Pagesyouth turns to gang involvement. A sector of this population has only recently been a focus of any study at all and that is the female. From the authors De La Rue, Espelage research they estimate that female gang membership is anywhere from 10 to 35% of the total gang population (De La Rue, Espelage 2014 pg. 1). There are many pieces that drive females to join the gang lifestyle. There are t hree major causes that drive females to gang involvement; family influences, relationship drives, and prior victimizationRead MoreNot All Street Gangs Were Formed For Ill Doing1745 Words   |  7 PagesNot all street gangs were formed for ill doing. Many people might think down on the creation of gangs but it is a part of survival in their region. Street gangs, which pull peers into gangs for protection and social status, assemble to protect their neighborhood, family and friends from other street gangs thus causing rising crime rate and innocent people dying because of this. First off, there are a few definitions for gangs because authorities had a hard time explaining what a gang even is. â€Å"WalterRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Gridiron Gang1433 Words   |  6 Pagesthe streets. Joanou (2006) Movie Gridiron Gang is a depiction of a true story about probation officer, Sean Porter, at Camp Kilpartick Juvenile Detention Facility in Los Angles California, where he helped turned adolescents inmates into a football team. Sean Porter and Malcolm Moore are both probation officers that work at Camp Kilpartick, where there job is to work with the convicted gang members to reform them before they are released, but the gang warfare makes it impossible to get the teenagersRead MoreJuvenile Gangs2762 Words   |  11 Pagesï » ¿Juvenile Gangs Introduction Juvenile street gangs are expanding, and evolving into crime that has not been linked to gangs in the past, according to the FBI. While they expand into white-collar type crimes like counterfeiting, identity theft and mortgage fraud, they also continue to be involved in illegal activities that they are more well known for, such as drug sales, recruiting new members, violent turf wars, and prostitution, the FBI reports. The number of active street gangs (including gangs inRead MoreThe Negative Impact of Gangs on Oklahoma1247 Words   |  5 Pages The large negative impact on Oklahoma that gangs have caused resulted in a change in our state. In all fifty of the United States, more types and groups of gangs are committing more crimes and illegal activity. Gangs have significantly impacted Oklahoma by increasing violence, homicides, and drug trafficking, and something must be done. The amount of people affiliated with gangs is rapidly increasing. Oklahoma authorities say that gangs are an urban problem. In a report in the year 2010, studiesRead MoreBecoming A Motorcycle Gang Of Course1299 Words   |  6 Pagesimpromptu weapons at passersby. You have just encountered a notorious group of hooligans known throughout Japan as the Bosozoku. What would you do if you were an angsty adolescent teenager in a post world war time when the traditional view of society was to stay inside and get smart and all you wanted to do was to go against the traditional views of society? Join a motorcycle gang of course. This was the popular choice of lower class teenagers in 20th century Japan. Bosozoku started in the post World WarRead MoreBroken Family Structure Leads to Educational Difficulties for Children1253 Words   |  6 Pages If he wouldnt have joined that gang, then this wouldnt have happened, Mozella said of Terrance and the troubles that befell the family. For at least the past two years, Mozella Hogan said, the family has lived in constant fear as their home and cars became targets of drive-by shootings by rival gangs. What happens to a family when the children join gangs is a recurring story in Tarrant County and around the nation. Family structure. Although

Applied Economics Issues

Question: Show evidence of understanding issues of definition and measurement when investigating unemployment. Demonstrate the ability to compare and contrast different theories of unemployment and critically analyse their attendant assumptions. Assess the relevance of these theories in understanding UK unemployment. Support the analysis with the appropriate time series data and other relevant statistics. Demonstrate reflective use of relevant literature and correct citation. Answer: NAIRU and the changes in the UK labour market since 2008 Non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment (NAIRU) is the level of unemployment below which the rate of inflation rate rises. Milton Friedman proposed the concept of natural rate of unemployment. In order to prevent the increase in the inflation rate above a given target level, the monetary policy is generally implemented by the government under the assumption of NAIRU so that the minimum unemployment in the economy is allowed. The natural rate hypothesis was presented by Friedman deals with the structure of the labour market. The idea behind the hypothesis is that in labour market it is natural to have some amount of frictional unemployment and the classical unemployment. The frictional unemployment is the situation in which the workers are changing jobs and for a minimum period of time they are considered to be unemployed (Smith, 2011). The classical unemployment arises when the real wages are fixed above the market clearing level of minimum wage laws, trade unions or due to o ther issue with the different labour institutions. The natural rate hypothesis faced a lot of controversies regarding the fact that the natural rate of unemployment varies in many ways that can eventually cause repercussion in the labour market. The theory of the NAIRU states if the natural rate of unemployment is less than the actual rate of unemployment then the inflationary pressure will rise and vice versa. The labour market of the UK has been distorted for the past few months. It has been evident from the statistics that the Britain will not be able to achieve the full employment level and there will be huge creation of jobs. The population is increasing and so there is a rise in the number of workers and thereby the unemployment level will fall. Most of the economists are skeptical about this view. It had been a talked about topic about the agreement on the issue that the full employment concept is slimy in the 21st Century. Financial Times conducted a survey where 58% of the economists were of the view that the full employment level would not be attained n 2015 but they were quite optimistic about the creation of jobs in spite of the figure that states that the unemployment rate is just 0.2 percentage points from the estimated value in the 2005 which was about 73.2 per cent (Stam and Long, 2010). In this scenario a specialized labour market consultant, John Philpott expected that there will be a decline of the unemployment rate from 6 per cent to 5.2 per cent. There would be taciturn wage pressures that would decrease the joblessness rate to fall below the 5 per cent before the government is risked at the 2 per cent inflation target. Here comes the theory of NAIRU but it is still unclear. There are several instances like the flexibility in the labour market, the cumulative impact of the welfare reforms, inadequacies in pension and the financial pressures which caused contraction n the wage along with the high debt of the households have boosted the supply of labour but if these trends continue then there is a chance that the Bank might need to revise the assessment of NAIRU to be low (Batini, 2005). A section of the economists were of the view that the underemployment will be eliminated before there is pressure on the wages. The rest of the respondents which is about 42% of the economists had clearly opinionated in the survey that the signs of increasing wages will pave the path of attaining the level of full employment and would hit the milestone in the year 2015 in the UK. It has been debated several times on the definition of full employment but in vain. George Osborne had undertaken the objective to define the concept of full employment as the economic aim. The unemployment rate was estimated to be at 7.4 per cent in October 2013 and in October 2014 the rate was 6 per cent. If this slow rate of decline of the unemployment rate grows there are chances that the unemployment rate might reach the level of 5 per cent in the end of the year 2015. In the year 2005 the unemployment rate fell to 4.75 per cent which was below the NAIRU which was about 5per cent. This would enable the economy to reach the level of full employment by the next year. But there remains some gap between the theory and practice where the unemployment rate might be below 5 per cent but about 1.65 million people will still remain unemployed (BBC News, 2015). Recent data reveals that the current rate of unemployment in the UK fell to the lowest level since 2008 which is about 5.6 per cent. According to the labour market figures the earnings growth has slowed down. About more than 31 million of the people in the UK are still unemployed. The labour market recovery in the UK can be attributed to the part-time jobs and self employment but the data of the Office for National Statistics showed that there will be substantial jobs creation of full time type and this will improve the job security issues in the UK. For the usual estimation the unemployment rate is around and about the NAIRU of the British economy. The question here arises on the degree of low level of unemployment without the taking off of the inflation rate. One of the characteristic of inflation is driving up the real wages of the workers. When on one side the real wages are welcomed by the workers but the inflation rate is generally avoided by them. So it can be the case that th e unemployment rate could be around and about the NAIRU but not fall below it so that the real wage rises but the inflation rate must not change. The economists are of the view that the NAIRU cannot be directly observed but it can be estimated for the past. The determination of the NAIRU depends on the labour market, the flexible the market is, the lower is the NAIRU rate. Most of the economists are of the view that since the labour market is flexible, the NAIRU will be fall. The unemployment rate in the UK over the years is depicted in the chart below: (, 2015) The unemployment rate in the UK remained low and unchanged at 5.5 per cent for the three months in 2015 till April which is in accordance with the market expectation. Since the global financial crisis the employment rate has been rising and so as seen from the chart the unemployment rate has decreased over the years and also the wages posted high gains. There were around 31.05 million people who were working. As the employment rose, so did the wage including the bonuses increase 2.7 per cent (Melliss and Webb, 1997). The unemployment rate has declined which can be evident from the decline in the number of individuals who were claiming unemployment benefits. In the current policy debate of the UK, there still remains the unemployment gap in the UK labour market. this gap is defined as the difference between the actual unemployment rate and the structural unemployment in other words NAIRU. This difference was sometimes referred to as cyclical unemployment. The next chart describes the actual unemployment, the NAIRU, and the difference. (, 2015) The importance of the unemployment estimates the measure of the stability of the economy with the inflation rate which is neither increasing nor decreasing. It can be said that if the economy is at stable inflation condition at a target of 2% then the unemployment rate can reach the NAIRU (Inman, 2015). On the other hand, NAIRU measures the unemployment level derived from the supply side like the workers skills, the labour market mechanism, competition in the market etc. and all other things which change in a relatively slow rate. The unemployment gap can be narrowed only when the government will implement macroeconomic policy. The fall in the unemployment rate has raised the wage rate which means that the economy of UK which is consumer led will eventually recover. The value of pound increased against the dollar. Economic analysts are of the view that the rise in the wages would cause the interest rate to increase. This would be implemented by the Bank of England. The governor of Ba nk of England, Mark Carney declined the growth in the UK and ordered to keep the productivity this is because the main impetus to the high wages is productivity (Knoema, 2015). Another theory of the unemployment is depicted by the concept of Phillips Curve. It was presented by William Phillips by analyzing the economic conditions in the UK between the 1861-1957 (Rusticelli, 2015). He stated the results of his analysis in the form of a relationship between the high inflation rate and low unemployment. In the 1960s, when the inflation rate doubled, the unemployment fell to record low levels. The unemployment rate is as low as 5.6% and there is a provision for the rate to reach the NAIRU (Hughes et al., 2015). The prolonged and dragged unemployment rate which is low would create a wage-price spiral. This can be explained in the following way (Yglesias, 2014). As there are scarce workers, the companies would demand more of the workers and create a situation of excess demand for labours. This situation of excess demand for labours would drive the price of the labours which is the wage to rise. Thus, the companies who are planning to start business would imply th at they have to pay more in order to recruit more. The higher pay indicates that there will be an overall rise in the price of the goods and services. The wage spiral starts now when the rise in the prices enables the workers to demand for higher wages again and then the companies again give in the higher wages to attract more workers as they are scarce. Then comes a situation which causes the inflation to go out of control. Thus, the labours are higher more and more at higher wages which causes the unemployment rate to fall and thereby it can be detected that the inflation rate has risen substantially (Claar, 2006). This is explains the concept of Phillips curve. The wage-price spiral is not desirable within the economy but there are certain reasons behind the occurrence of the spiral within the economy. The first reason is the fluctuations in the NAIRU due to demographic factors, technological advancements and greater openness to trade. Another problem is in the interpretation of NAIRU in which the predictions of the rate is incorrect. The inflation rate in the UK is quite Low: (, 2015) Thus, the basic Phillips theory is not appropriate in the recent findings of the UK economy. With low inflation rate, the unemployment rate must be higher but there is a trade off in the theory. Also attaining NAIRU is difficult as the inflation rate is low and somewhat stabilized in the UK. The unemployment rate can reach the NAIRU when there is scarce worker and excess demand for labours which has the potentiality to increase the wage (Shaw, 2011). With the rise in the wages of the labours, the cost of the companies will be increased and this will eventually raise the price of the goods and services to cover up the increased cost. Thus, inflation rate will rise but this is not the case of the UK, the inflation rate is quite low in spite of the low level of unemployment rate. Thus, with low inflation rate, the wages will not increase tremendously and thus, the workers will be higher more at low wage. This implies that if the inflation rate is low then the unemployment rate will be h igh according to the theory of Phillips curve but in this case the unemployment rate in the UK is 5.6 per cent which is near to 5 per cent of NAIRU and the theory is not in compliance with the current situation of the UK economy (Worstall, 2015). 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